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Globalization: Past, Present and Future (22214)


Prof. Dr. Dr. h. c. Karl-Heinz Paqué

Time & Place

Wednesday, 09:00 - 13:00 in G22-A020

PLEASE NOTE: The lecture on Wednesday, October 16th will only be from 9-10 am!

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Downloads for the Lecture

Course Outline WT 19-20

Manuscript Part I

Manuscript Part II

Manuscript Part III

Manuscript Part IV  

Manuscript Part V 

Graphs & Figures for Manuscript Part I (1)

Graphs & Figures for Manuscript Part I (2)

Graphs & Figures for Part II

Graphs & Figures for Part III

Graphs & Figures for Part IV

Graphs & Figures for Part V

"Die Kehrseite der Globalisierung", K.-H. Paqué in:
Perspektiven der Wirtschaftspolitik 2017; 18(3): 286–303

"Die Rückkehr der Ideologien", K.-H. Paqué in: 
Perspektiven der Wirtschaftspolitik 2015; 16(3): 302–321

"Der Historizismus des Jakobiners", K.-H. Paqué in: 
Perspektiven der Wirtschaftspolitik 2014; 15(3): 271–287

"Der Westen muss China die Stirn bieten", K.-H. Paqué in: Handelsblatt (13.01.2019)


I  Globalization in Historical Perspective (up to 1990)

II  Globalization in Recent Times (since 1990): Facts and Trends

III  Information & Communication Technology (ICT): A New Globalization?

IV  Financial Markets: Global Growth, Crises and their Aftermath

V   Global Inequality: National Trends and Global Dynamics

VI  Growth, Prosperity, and Quality of Life: Some Contrasting Views

VII Speculating about the Future


Among many other sources, the lecture draws on unpublished manuscripts of the instructor. These will be available online.

Additional Sources:

Baldwin, R. (2016), The Great Convergence – Information Technology and the New Globalization, Cambridge, MA., Belknap Press.

Brynjolfsson, E. & A. McAfee (2014), The Second Machine Age: Work, Progress, and Prosperity in a Time of Brilliant Technologies, New York, WWNorton & Company.

Gordon, R. J. (2016), The Rise and Fall of American Growth: The US Standard of Living Since the Civil War, Princeton, Princeton University Press.

Milanovic, B. (2016), Global Inequality – A New Approach for the Age of Globalization, Cambridge, MA, Belknap Press.

Piketty, T. (2014), Capital in the Twenty-First Century, Cambridge, MA, Harvard University Press.



Written exam (120 min), 10 CP 

Aids: no aids are allowed, except one bilingual dictionary 

Language: English. Answers in German are possible for students who are registered in German-speaking programs of the University.

Structure: The exam consists of two parts (I, II). Part I consists of 15 multiple choice questions worth 60 points in total (4 points each in case of correctly answered question and 0 points in case of wrongly answered question). For each multiple choice type question, several possible answer choices are listed. Note that there may be several true statements for each question. The correct answer is the choice that contains all true statements in response to the question. Please choose the correct statement(s) among the four provided and mark your answers on the provided answer sheet. Part II consists of two open questions worth 60 points in total (30 points each). Both questions consist of several sub-questions that are to be answered using standard tools of economic reasoning. The exam is worth 120 points in total.

Exam model with sample questions

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