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Winter Term 2016/2017

Please send a letter of motivation to Fabian Horn if you would like to participate in the Seminar in International Economics. The regeistration deadline is on the 4th of October. The first meeting will be on Friday, 15th of October, G22A-128 at 9am.

Summer Term 2016

Winter Term 2015/2016

For the lecture Acadamic Skills (11061) held in German see Lectures.

Summer Term 2015

Current Issues on Applied International Economics 

Winter Term 2014/15

Reading Course on Pikettys Capital in the Twenty-First Century

Summer Term 2014

Seminar on International Macroeconomics

Winter Term 2013/14

Issues on the European Union

Summer Term 2013

Aspects of Globalization

Winter Term 2012/13

New trends of European economic integration: the case of Central and Eastern Europe

Summer Term 2012

Planspiel "Globale Aspekte der Handelspolitik"/Simulation Game "Global Aspects of Trade Policy"

Winter Term 2011/12

Perspectives of International Financial Markets

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